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In Love with the Wind Castle,8146 village of Ravadinovo,
Sozopol, Bulgaria

Writing down a copy of Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya (Slav- Bulgarian History)

On the first day of the Easter holidays, the biggest newly built castle in Europe, In Love with the Wind, revives the mission of the strong Bulgarian spirit, creator of today’s civilization. In the Castle’s chapel next to the alter, under the sound of ancient music, each visitor will be able to go back and feel the atmosphere of the glorious ages of Paisisiy by fulfilling his recommendation to write down a copy with several lines from his Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya (Slav-Bulgarian History). This subsequent patriotic idea of the owner of the Castle aims to reach the hearts and souls of every Bulgarian or foreigner who visits the Castle. The initiative will ignite the flame of patriotism amongst Bulgarians and will help the numerous foreign guests become acquainted with the glorious and heroic history of our predecessors.

„I fell too much in love with the Bulgarian people and fatherland and I made too much efforts to collect different books and stories until I was able to gather and compile the history of the Bulgarian origin in this small book to your benefit and praise. I wrote it for those of you, who love your origin and Bulgarian fatherland and love to know your origin and native tongue”

Paìsiy Hilendàrski (Saint Paisius of Hilendar)
1722 - 1773

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