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In Love with the Wind Castle,8146 village of Ravadinovo,
Sozopol, Bulgaria



Escape, if you can….

The most popular brain game is already in Bulgaria. 
Come to the Castle to feel the beauty of past times and test your knowledge and skills.
You think you can handle any situation? 
Prove it to your friends, colleagues and family.
Play for fun and feel a thrill you have never experienced.

You think that you have seen and experienced everything so far?
You are wrong!

The goal in this game is to escape for 60 minutes from a locked room, in which you find encoded messages, codes and cyphers. You have to decipher the implications of the objects and the secret messages and find the key for the exit.

It is recommended more people to play, so they can help each other.

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Long long ago, a pirate ship full of treasures shipwrecked and sank near the shores of today’s Sozopol in the outskirts of the Strandzha Mountains. Some of the sailors, who survived, managed to bury and hide the plundered treasures not away from the shore. In a metal chest they locked an ancient golden coin and the only banknotes left, called ,,apoloni", which no one has been able to see so far but the legend says they exist somewhere in the enchanting castle In Love with the Wind in Ravadinovo.

Only one big bear saw where the treasure was buried. But the bear was the last thing the pirates saw in their lives. There was a family on the ship and it was thought everyone died but a small girl managed to reach the shore. The big bear found her, warmed her up and gave her honey to eat. The bear took care of her as being her own child and when the girl grew up, she treated and took care of the cubs as being her own children.

Many people have tried to find it with the pirates map in their hands.

It’s your turn to try.
Become a part of the fairy tale! !

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 What did you do, sinner, and how did you live??

"I made a castle with a lake and two nice children."